Thursday, September 29, 2016

Platinum Preppy 2mm Extra-Fine Fountain Pen

by Tony Thomas

While I have reviewed the standard Platinum Preppy previously, I wanted to check out and review the extra-fine 2 mm version as well. To my knowledge, this is least expensive Japanese extra-fine pen that you can buy.

As with the standard Platinum Preppy, this pen is easy to hold and very comfortable. Because it is molded from light plastic, it is certainly more fragile than more expensive fountain pens. It comes in black and blue-black and can be used with standard Platinum ink cartridges or a Platinum converter (that costs more than the pen.) I found the nib to be very smooth and a pleasure to write with.

If can be found for as little as $4, and it really is a bargain for those who are like to write very small or very fine text.