Sunday, August 7, 2016

Canson XL Marker Paper

by Tony Thomas

As I am always on the lookout for fountain pen friendly paper, I like to hang out at art supply stores and check out what they have. I have heard good things about paper used by artists to create layouts and sketches with markers, so it became the object of my attention during my most recent visit.

Upon examination, a paper that has intrigued me is Canson XL Marker paper. It is somewhat light at 70 gsm (18 lb.) and semi-transparent. What really impressed me is its amazing smoothness. It is also made in France, and the French are known for making quality paper. (Clairefontaine is a great example.)

Although it is someone expensive at around $10 for one hundred 9” x 12” sheets, I decided to give it a try. I was not disappointed. This paper is ultra smooth and does not feather with fountain pen ink. There is also no bleed through, although a bit of show through is evident due to its light weight.

My plan is to cut it down to smaller sheets so I can use it in my leather notebook. A very impressive paper!

Update: After doing some more testing, I have found you can only get optimal results on one side of the paper only.   The other side seems to have a different finish and does not accept ink as readily.  Of course, this depends on the pen, ink and nib you are using.  So, make sure that you test both sides of the paper and label which side is up if you remove the paper from the pad.

Note: A similar paper called Canson Pro-Layout Marker paper is also available for the same price but the pad only contains 50 sheets.