Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ink Mixing

by Tony Thomas

Mixing ink is a lot of fun and is a very economical way of getting the most out of your ink.

My favorite brand to mix is Waterman.  It is a great, cheap everyday ink that is problem-free in just about any fountain pen and mixes well.

I use Serenity Blue, Black and Tender purple as my mixing inks.  I make a "Blurple" (inspired by Richard Binder) by mixing 80% Serenity Blue with 20% Tender Purple.  And a Blue/Black by mixing 80% Serenity Blue with 20% Black.

Both of these mixes are fairly water resistant (see pic below).  Have fun mixing!   Waterman Inks

Scribbles on the top have been soaked in water.
Writing on the bottom after it dried.  Used
really cheap copier paper.

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