Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hidebound Custom Planner Cover for Circa Notebook

by Tony Thomas

I have been looking at various planners for awhile, including the highly-esteemed Filofax.  However, I am not a big fan of ring binders and prefer the Circa/Arc/Rollabind disc binders and accessories.  

As a result, I decided to ditch my spartan Circa leather cover and commission the wonderful folks at Hidebound Leather to create a nice leather planner cover for me.

After consulting with them, I found that the easiest way to create such a planner was to start with a regular book cover and customize it.

After carefully measuring my Circa notebook including the discs, I picked the Classic Vintage Cognac large book cover ($45) and added the Folio pocket option ($15).   Check out the link here.

It took them about a week to create the cover and it arrived a few days after that.  I am very pleased with the result.  The cover is made of really soft and supple leather and, after a just a few weeks of use, it is already providing a nice, slightly distressed, "lived-in" look.  I really love it!

See the You Tube video I recorded about this cover here.


  1. Hi Tony, I just ran across your blog, thank you for sharing your passion and tips on frugal fountain pens. Just curious what size Circa you are using here, I'm assuming the Junior size (6 1/4W x 8 3/4H) and where do you purchase your Circa gear (share a link)? Thanks again, JoeK

  2. Oops, sorry just found Levenger. What size discs are in your photo above?