Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hero 382 Fountain Pen

by Tony Thomas

I have really been into Hero pens lately as I like their styling and vast selection of models.  One that caught my eye is the Hero 382 which I believe is one of their best designs.  At between $12-15 on eBay, it is also an affordable pen.

It has smooth lines and a very simple design with a shiny black lacquered body, large clip and silver trim.  It is a hefty pen at 34 grams and 13.5 cm long.

At its widest point, the pen measures 13 mm and the section diameter is 10 mm tapering to around 9 mm. The 382 is comfortable to hold in my large hands and I had no problem with the shiny section.

The two-tone fine nib had quite a bit of feedback initially and I was able to smooth it using 12K micro mesh.  Even after smoothing, I found the nib to be less than inspiring so I decided to grind it into a stub.  You can see the difference below.  All in all, the Hero 382 is a very impressive pen!

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