Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hero 100 Fountain Pen

by Tony Thomas

If you have looked for a vintage Parker 51 aerometric in good condition recently, you probably have a bad case of sticker shock.

I have never owned or used a 51 (sadly) but decided to spring for the next best thing: a Hero 100.  Produced in the old Parker pen factory in Shanghai, China, the Hero 100 is a fairly accurate tribute to the venerated 51 complete with 14K gold nib.  The price?  $40 shipped (eBay).

I have used my 100 for about a week and, after a bit of nib tuning and smoothing, I have deemed it good enough to be a daily writer.  It is a big step up from the Hero 616 and is much more solidly built.  Well worth the money, in my opinion!

More info on the Hero 100:

Pentrace Comparison of Hero 100 and Parker 51

Hero Pen Company

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