Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hero 780 with 10K Gold Nib

by Tony Thomas

I decided to order this Hero pen with a gold nib from China.  The price was less than $35 shipped so it seemed like a good deal.  It is only 10K gold (about 42%), but a fountain pen with any type of gold nib at that price point is very rare.

The fit and finish of the pen are very nice and it has a smallish fine nib that writes like a western extra fine.  The nib has the Hero logo with a 10K inscription and they did a great job of tipping the nib.  It comes with a good quality international converter. The arrow clip is reminiscent of a Parker pen.

How does it write?  The Hero 780 writes much smoother than any other Chinese pen that I have used.  Even though the nib is gold, it is firm rather than springy.  That should come as no surprise since it is over 50% alloy.  The grip section is small and made of smooth plastic and a bit slippery.  I was able to alter my grip to compensate.  In any case, it is a great pen that is well worth the price.

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