Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Nemosine Nibs

by Tony Thomas

I love Nemosine nibs.  They are inexpensive and come in a range of line widths including the unusual (and usually sold out)  .8 and .6 italics.  

They are reportedly made in Germany and compare favorably to the JoWo and Bock nibs I have used.  I have no idea who makes them as there are only a few nib makers in that country.

They are available exclusively from xfountainpens.com and on Amazon by their parent company, Paramount Goods, LLC.

Nemosine nibs can make inexpensive pens from China and India come alive.  As you can see, I have quite a few of them. Many others are installed in pens that I use frequently (like Jinhaos, Noodlers and other Chinese and Indian pens).  Highly recommended!



  1. Do you have a guide as to which of the Nemosine nibs fit which inexpensive pens (specifically -- for selfish reasons -- the Jinhao 159, 250, x450 and x750)? I've used Fountain Pen Revolution nibs in Jinhao pens with good results, but can't find a good fit for the ones I mentioned above.

  2. Most of the Jinhao pens use #6 nibs. I have used them in the 159, x450 and x750. The 250 appears to have the same sized nib. The #5 should fit most pens with smaller nibs. http://www.xfountainpens.com/collections/nibs/products/nemosine-fountain-pen-nib

  3. Great, thanks! Time for a bit of a(nother) tinkering experiment!