Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

by Tony Thomas

It seems that letter writing has become something of a lost art. E-mail is ubiquitous. Cursive writing, arcane.

However, there are some great reasons to write letters. Here are some I came up with:

1) Letters are personal: Unlike impersonal (and sometimes annoying) e-mail, letters add a personal touch that cannot be duplicated.

2) Letters are tangible: They can be held and folded. They can be stored and re-read. And, if kept out of direct sunlight and if archival paper is used, they can even be read by future generations.

3) Writing is therapeutic: I derive a great deal of comfort and enjoyment from writing in longhand. My thoughts flow naturally and easily. It is relaxing and mentally stimulating. I would say it is even therapeutic.

4) They will get read: Everyone's e-mail box is stuffed and every e-mail is just one button push from oblivion. How many times have you asked: "Did you get my e-mail"? By contrast, most people are pretty mail-starved these days and your letter will likely find the eyeballs of the recipient.

5) They will be appreciated: As it takes time and effort to write a letter, seal an envelope, attach a stamp and mail it, your intentionality will be admired and appreciated.

6) They allow you to make productive use of your FPs: What good is owning a bunch of fountain pens if you don't use them? Writing letters is a really good reason.

7) They help you to improve your handwriting: Before I started using fountain pens, I printed everything. Now, I am back to using cursive for the first time since high school and my handwriting is very legible and even somewhat attractive if I do say so myself!

So, pick up a pen and write someone!!

I found a cool Facebook page on this subject:

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