Monday, October 26, 2015

Fake Hero Doctor 616s

by Tony Thomas

I like a great pen deal as much as the next person (after all, this is the Frugal Fountain Pen).  However, beware the fake Hero 616s on auction and sale sites!!  I bought one for $2.99 and it is clearly a fake.  I took comparison pics so you can see the difference between the real deal and the fake.  I requested a refund from the popular auction site and included these pics.  Caveat emptor!!!  And it you happen to get a fake, report it and request a refund.

Update: I rinsed it out and attempted to fill the pen.  It wouldn't even fill.  The breather tube was disconnected from the feed and I could not reconnect it.   The pen did write pretty well but you can only use it as a dip pen.  I tried to open it up after soaking it in hot water but it wouldn't budge.  Not worth $2.99 or even $1.00 IMHO.

Fake is on the right

Fake is on the right

Fake is on top

Fake is in the forged package
This is the ad for the fake.  Oh, the irony!


  1. Replies
    1. Haven't inked it up yet. Waiting to hear back from the seller. Given the build quality, I am not too optimistic.

  2. Isn't the Hero 616 itself is a fake?

  3. Not really. It is more of a reproduction of a pen that hasn't been commercially available for decades. It doesn't try to pass itself off as a Parker and is labeled with the actual manufacturer's mark and model #. There is no way anyone would confuse it with a real Parker 51.