Thursday, March 12, 2015

Rhodia Clic-Bloc Mouse Pad Paper

by Tony Thomas

I decided to participate again in Rhodia Drive's Paper Project.  The project allows you to test free samples of their most popular products.  Up this week (13) is their "Clic Block" mouse pad paper.  

According to the Rhodia web site, this product has a non-skid backing, iconic grid (5x5), 80g paper and a smooth surface for mouse and pen.

First, I tried it as a mouse pad.  Works great.  Next, as a writing pad.  Although the grid lines are darker than I would like (I prefer the faint violet lines), it performed flawlessly for writing using a variety of fountain pens and inks.  No bleed through and very faint show through.  I also tried it with pencil and was very impressed with its smoothness.

Another great product from Rhodia and highly recommended!

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