Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Pencils

by Tony Thomas

Although I adore fountain pens and use them whenever I can, I find myself using pencils more and more for practical reasons.

With fountain pens, you have to worry about bleeding and feathering on cheap paper.  Not so with pencils.  They will write on just about any kind of paper including a brown paper bag.  And given the amount of cheap paper I encounter daily, that really helps!

Also, when I am trying to capture thoughts and ideas on paper, pencils just seem to work better for me.

With fountain pens, I have to keep capping and uncapping the pen lest it dries out after several minutes of just sitting in my hand.  That stifles my thought flow and gets really annoying.

And with pencils, I always have the ability to erase mistakes.  With fountain pens, all I can do is cross things out and rewrite them, leaving an ugly mess.

When I am at work, I have to jot down quick notes while talking on the phone and pencils work much better for that as well.

I really do love pencils.  I have mechanical, wood-cased and lead holders in a variety of hardnesses.  I carry a pencil bag with me as a part of my EDC and have a few Rotring mechanical pencils tucked away in my Maxpedition Fatty.

If you are a fountain pen lover, give pencils a try.  You may just find a new love!

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