Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ink Dilution: Two Inks for the Price of One?

by Tony Thomas

I have been experimenting recently with ink dilution and it has been an interesting experience.

While I have been diluting Noodler's Bulletproof Black for years with good results, I thought I would try a shade of blue.  My latest subject is Private Reserve DC Supershow Blue, a very saturated dark blue ink.

I used a 1:1 mixture of ink and distilled water with a tiny amount of Dawn dishwashing liquid (a non-ionic surfactant) to improve flow.  I only make about 4-6 ml at a time so that I can test with small amounts.

The result is a lighter shade of blue with a good amount of shading.  The surfactant added probably results in a thicker line (more of a medium/broad than a fine), but I can tweak the flow by adding less surfactant.

I am very pleased with the results!

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