Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Hero 529 Fine Point Fountain Pen

by Tony Thomas

In my search for inexpensive fountain pens on eBay, I came across numerous listings for the Hero 529 fine point pen.  The price?  Less than $3.00 including shipping from China!  Amazing!

Having previously bought the Hero 9296 Accounting Pen with an EF nib, I thought I would give the 529 a shot.

Like the 9296, the 529 is a converter filler with a hooded nib.  It is reminiscent of the Hero 616 sans aerometric converter.  It is a pretty plain looking pen with a few small but noticeable blemishes, however, you really can't complain much for a pen that costs so little.

How does it write?  Nicely.  It has a very smooth nib that lays down a nice fine line.

The Hero 529 is a great little knock-about pen for throwing in your pocket or purse and leaving on your desk at the office.  Very nice for jotting down quick notes.  I plan to load mine with some archival iron gall ink for writing on cheap paper when the need arises.

A nice pen at a crazy cheap price!


  1. it feels exceedingly cheep, in every part except the nib. It's a very nice writer even though it barely fits SICs and feels really short.

    Anyone interested in chinese pens, really needs to try the 523 and the 68. Both feel much higher quality than this and are excellent writers.

  2. Yeah, I admit it isn't the most robust pen in the world. However, it is cheaper than a Platinum Preppy and a Pilot Varsity and you can use whatever ink you want. The fact that it writes well makes it a standout for me.